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Most people presume that they have a relationship with GOD based on their own personally adopted thoughts,

ideas, opinions, philosophies and standards that determine their moral and ethical character. For most, the list of obligations required to establish and maintain that relationship is determined by their willingness to humbly commit to weekly confessing their sins to a priest, receiving the sacrament of confirmation, receiving baptism or partaking of communion. Yearly attendance to major church holiday services, along with a commitment to pray at least one prayer daily, and read a Bible scripture, places them in an even stronger position as far as they are concerned. Having good hearts, treating others nicely, providing food for the needymaking donations to charities and treating others with respect, allows them to feel even more assured, that everything is "copacetic". Living life this way is very admirable, but it does not establish a real relationship with GOD as HE defines relationship. 

The Word of GOD clearly states in John 3:16, that "GOD gave His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ), to the world to die for the sins of all human beings. Because Jesus was willing to obey His Father (GOD), and bare that sin upon His own physical body, He became the "ultimate sacrifice" that saved all of mankind from eternal damnation, due to Adam and Eve's  disobedience. He submitted Himself first and foremost to the will of His Father, resulting in Him being painfully alienated from His Father, for the very first time. "The psychological, emotional and physical pain was so intense that Jesus literally shed blood filled drops of sweat at one point, and latter cried out to His Father, "My GOD, My GOD, why have YOU forsaken me", as He hung on the Cross of Calvary with His precious innocent blood dripping from wounds that had been inflicted on all parts of His body. It is written that He was  literally beat and whipped to the point that He did'nt even look human. He further experienced the unspeakable shame associated with crucifixion, that of being stripped completely naked, as metal spikes were driven through His hands and feet, to hold Him on the cross. After three days when GOD The Father, raised Jesus from the dead,  HE put all things under His Son's subjection, and exalted His name above all names in heaven, on earth and below the earth, in this age and the age to come. Because of this Jesus Christ Himself makes it known in scripture, that, "absolutely no one comes to GOD the Father, except through Him". So in order to have a relationship with GOD the Father, all are required to first have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son. The question now becomes, how does one accomplish this.



To establish a relationship with Almighty GOD, you must first acknowledge Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD, who was sent to earth by His Father,  to die for your sins. You must  "CONFESS" (say with your mouth, of your own free will, sincerely) that Jesus Christ is Lord  and Savior of your life.  Then you must believe (in your heart), that after He suffered and died for you, that GOD raised Him from the dead. Then and only then, will you be "Saved/Reborn", a new creation . With your heart (by faith) you must believe (trust in, and rely on Jesus) that you have been made "righteous" (in right standing with GOD), and as a result, by God's wonderful merciful Grace, HE (GOD) acknowledges that you have been reconnected back to HIM, as HIS son or daughter. With your mouth you have confessed (declared openly) that you are now saved (you believe that you are saved/born again, by faith. (Romans 10: 9-10). 

GOD truly loves you beyond the scope of your comprehension. HIS desire is for you to be healthy, happy, prosperous, wealthy and successful in every area and aspect of your life. HE loves you so much that HE sacrificed HIS beloved Son to save you. All that HE asks,  is that you accept His Son Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior. HE has provided you with the "only solution" to have a relationship with HIM. It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past or what you’re doing presently. All that is required, is for you to be willing to "repent" (change your way and thinking and acting) and to accept "the gift" (pardon) that GOD has already provided. Come to HIM right now just as you are.

                               Read the prayer below aloud and mean it from your heart. 

                                      Your life from this day will never, ever be the same.



Dear GOD, I come to YOU with the need and desire to receive Salvation. I believe that Jesus  Christ is YOUR Son, who died for my sins, and that YOU raised Him from the dead. Jesus please come into my heart. I receive YOU as my Lord and Savior. I believe that YOU died for my sins and that GOD raised you from the dead. With my heart, I believe that I am now made righteous, and with my mouth, I make my confession to Salvation. I thank YOU GOD, that I am now saved and blessed with the benefits of deliverance, safety, soundness, preservation and healing. I thank YOU GOD, that YOU are now my FATHER. In Jesus Name. Amen.


If you confessed the “Prayer of Salvation” above, and was truly sincere about your desire to  (repent) change your way of living, Jesus has come into your heart. He is now your Lord and Savior, and you are Saved (born again) a totally new creature. Almighty GOD is now officially your Father. Welcome to the Family of GOD.



1. You now have a relationship with GOD through His Son Jesus Christ who was sent to die on the cross for           your sins.

2. Your spirit (you are a tripartite  being; spirit, soul and body) has been reconnected back to GOD because 

     of the precious, innocent shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ that has cleansed you. All of your past sins, 

     no matter what they were, have been forgiven. In the eyes of God you're starting all over from this point.

3. GOD has placed His "Holy Spirit" inside your spirit to help, teach, guide and comfort you in your physical            life, as well as in your spiritual life. All you have to do is acknowledge Him, and ask Him for the help you

     need daily and submit to His lead.


GOD truly loves you more than you will ever be able to humanly comprehend. HE has done HIS part. Now you must do yours. You have already taken the first step by saying the Prayer of Salvation aloud, so take the next step. GOD is waiting for you with loving open arms. HIS love is unconditional. If you have a Bible sitting up on a shelf or laying in a corner somewhere, dust it off and begin to read and study it daily. Ask Holy Spirit to help you understand it. If you do not have one, then buy one. It will be the best investment that you ever made in your life. It is essential that you understand how important it is that you immediately begin, to “Renew Your Mind” daily to the things of GOD. Understand, that it is only your spirit that has been reborn, but your mind, body, soul, emotions, etc. are still the same. By hearing, reading, praying and studying GOD’s word daily, with a sincere desire to change, Holy Spirit will begin to make changes in those areas of your life that need to be changed. People around you may even begin commenting about the change they see in you. You will begin to develop a better and stronger relationship with GOD, and gain a better understanding of what HIS true nature really is. It’s all about developing an "intimate relationship" with GOD. It has nothing at all to do with religion. GOD didn't create religion, man did. Ask GOD to guide you to a good "Word Based Church" that will help you to develop your faith and knowledge of HIS word directly from "The Bible". Remember GOD is now your Father and HE wants to help you in every way that HE possibly can, to live a happy, healthy, more prosperous and meaningful life. Meanwhile go to the "MINISTRY LINK" and take a look at the ministry websites of some of GOD'S most respected Pastors and Teachers. Most assuredly, you will find someone who you can connect with until you find your own home church. GOD BLESS